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Although Owen Hisle / Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films) is not officially accepting submissions yet
for our 2nd short film, during this script writing process, please feel free to view below how our 2nd
short film is taking shape/coming to life (pre-production <thru> post-production).  However,
if you notice a Cast or Crew position posted/open which you might be a good fit for,
please feel free to fill out the Submission Form below

Preference will be given to those who have their own equipment (Crew) and/or the most experience (Cast/Crew)
(film school students also welcomed)

Short Term Goal (Pre-Production):
* Write the script
* Register script with WGAWest & Copyright
* Interview / Audition, Crew / Cast, as positions develop
* Scout and secure film locations
* Funding

Long Term Goal (Production / Post-Production):
* Script will be complete
* Funding raised / Locations and catering secured
* And action; filming begins / That's a wrap; filming complete
* Editing begins
* Screenings from editing film draft -til- edited film is polished
* Enter film into various film festivals for awards
* Make film available to the public
* Upload film to YouTube / Social medias / Websites / etc
* Make another film

Owen Hisle / UTR Films is gearing up now to make it's 2nd short film
(FULFILLMENT was our 1st 2013 short film and was our 2014 1st time, 3 individual awards, winner)

Not everyone is going to take the time to read all the info below.  That's OK.  God already knows who is a good fit and
He will lead them here because they heeded God's call (plus this will also help weed-out those who are not serious)


Title (Name of project):
Not releasing till script is complete and WGAWest / Copyright registered legal serial #s are in place

Genre (Comedy, Drama, Faith-based, Fantasy, Horror, Music Video, Mystery, Secular, Syfy, Thriller, etc.):
Drama / Faith-based / Fantasy / Thriller

Logline (Synopsis):
Not releasing till script is complete and WGAWest / Copyright registered legal serial #s are in place

Role (Character description, gender, age, etc.):
Coming soon

Production Company (Director, Writer, Producer, etc.):
Writer-Owen Hisle / Producer-UTR Films / Director-Owen Hisle

Production Type (Indie, Student Film, Big-shot Studio Film, etc.):

Contact Information (Email, phone, website, etc.):
Coming soon

Run Time (Short or Feature):
Short-20 minutes

Compensation (Paid or Unpaid):
Coming soon

Union Status (SAG, AFTRA, Non-Union, etc.):

Interview / Audition Information (Date(s), Time(s), Location, Requirements, Callback date(s), etc.):
Coming soon

Shooting Schedule (Rehearsal dates and times):
Coming soon

Filming Location(s):
Gifford Farm & Ranch / Cheyenne Wyoming

Project Description (Additional information added about the project.):
FYI Placeholder Notes: No time is ever the right time...more soon / Not rocket science...more soon

The 2013 12-minute film FULFILLMENT, was made on a shoe string budget ($2000.00), had a combined cast / crew / extras of 100+, took 2 separate weekends to make (2 Fridays 2 Saturdays 80 hours total), held 3 separate email screenings during post production editing to get it from draft-to-polished before entering it into various 2014 film festivals (which walked away with 3 powerful awards), and before releasing it to the public.  If Owen Hisle / UTR Films can produce an award winning quality film like FULFILLMENT on just $2000.00, imagine what they can produce on a bigger budget with the right funding and with the right team

Owen Hisle / UTR Films is doing something a little different with this 2nd film

Jesus said in Matthew 28:19-20 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  When Jesus said "Therefore go", He wanted His disciples to preach the Gospel and make disciples of EVERYONE; no matter who they are-(male, female, straight, gay, drunkards, sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, the greedy, revilers, swindlers, the rich, the poor, etc).  And no matter where they were in their lives-(no one had to first be right with God in order to hear the Gospel, accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and be Baptized)

In addition to "Therefore go" as Jesus said, Owen Hisle / UTR Films is now focusing on 'Therefore come'  by inviting everyone and anyone (with experience of course) to submit


* - Must have already read Important Info on the Home Page (please do so now if you have not, then come back here)

* - Must be 18 years or older

* - Must be able to provide proof of legal photo I.D

* - Must be a local legal Colorado resident and US citizen

* - Must understand that if you currently live in Colorado but, you will be relocating to another state or country anytime soon, you will not be a good fit.  If however, you will be relocating to Colorado very soon, then by all means send in your Submission

* - Must understand that the professional entertainment industry (secular & faith-based) has a tight protocol where everyone is required to fill out and sign either if not all NDA's, Release forms, and Contracts (you will not be a good fit if you are not comfortable with this)

* - Must know that Owen Hisle / UTR Films will be seeking a good writer and a good storyteller with experience who is a bible believing Christian-(who is tough, with some 'balls', and not intimidated by others) however, we are not going to discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, x-gang affiliation, anyone who has served jail / prison time, or status as a U.S. Veteran.  All are welcomed to submit (Jesus will not turn anyone away [John 6:37]; neither will Owen Hisle / UTR Films)

* - Must also understand that by bringing that 'toughness', and those 'balls', with Owen Hisle / UTR Films making the type of today's-real-life, today's-real-world movies (with no holding back) in reaching the unbelieving lost, you possibly will come under attack from and not be invited to work with today's churchy, preaching to the choir, weak and watered down, playing it safe, Christian / church filmmakers

* - Must understand, and be comfortable with Owen Hisle / UTR Films being a powerful Jesus driven film production ministry/company seeking to reach the unbeliever, the unwanted, the lost (not the Christian and not to help Christians be better Christians), for Christ, through movies which offer an in-your-face, every day, real-life, Jesus message; by touching the hearts of all people (through God's eyes). With that said, Owen Hisle / UTR Films will NEVER tolerate or condone anyone who by their willing/conscious choice to compromise Owen Hisle / UTR Films' mission/beliefs for the beliefs of the unbelieving secular world, or, today's churchy, preaching to the choir, weak and watered down, playing it safe, Christian / church filmmakers

* - Must understand, with Owen Hisle / UTR Films gearing up now to make their 2nd film (which no doubt will end up being another award winner), you had better be that good because Owen Hisle / UTR Films thoroughly screens everyone

* - Must understand that EVERYONE no matter who they are (believer and unbeliever) will be treated equally (Deuteronomy 10:17; Job 34:19; Acts 10:34; Romans 9:14) - (James 2)

* - Must believe and respect that consulting with God first through prayer will lead Owen Hisle / UTR Films in making sound choices

* - Must demonstrate three years or more of actual real-world, hands-on experience (professional, personal, amateur, self taught, film school students)

* - Must provide a history of being able to write good movie / film scripts (short and feature) as well as being a good storyteller

* - Must be a team player (if your known for not being able to be a team player or, you know you could never adapt to becoming a team player, then, you will not be a good fit)

* - Must understand and agree that in the entertainment industry (secular & faith-based) more doors will close then those that will open (if you can't handle doors closing, rejection, and knowing that some film projects will not turn out like you expected, then, you will not be a good fit)

* - Must be proficient with or learn the free online webcam meeting portals such as Skype and Google Hangouts

* - Must provide a track record of accomplishment with a varied portfolio of successful projects and campaigns in writing, and in storytelling

* - Must provide superior listening and presentation skills

* - Must provide strong leadership ability and willingness to work as a member of a team and relate to a variety of different people

* - Must demonstrate a history of being goal-oriented, self-starter, able to work with minimal supervision, positive outlook, ability to persevere, and commit to succeed

* - Must have reliable transportation and access to cell phone for calling and texting

* - Must understand and agree that no one is paid by the ministry/company on a regular basis and serves the ministry on a volunteer basis. It is recommended that everyone hold a full-time job if necessary on a personal ‘flexible’ schedule

* - Must be flexible and available most scheduled Saturday mornings for meetings, brainstorming, script development, and storytelling (if you are not available and flexible for most Saturday mornings [or a changed day with plenty of notice], then you will not be a good fit)

* - Must own or have access to a portable laptop / tablet to bring to all brainstorming, script development, storytelling meetings

*- Must understand that Owen Hisle / UTR Films is a serious professional long term goal oriented ministry/company/entity.  We are not a fad and we are not a hobby on the side

*- Must understand that just like many other professional entertainment industry ministries/companies/entities out there (secular & faith based) who are very serious about focusing on long term where they broke/break ground/started from nothing, they choose to make many sacrifices by focusing more on the entertainment industry ministries/companies/entities. Their in it for the long haul.  That being said, Owen Hisle / UTR Films is in it for the long haul (if you are not in this for the long haul, then you will not be a good fit)

*- Must understand that when it comes to any writer and storyteller having the right support system standing behind them and cheering them on every step of the way, the writer and storyteller's spouse and family is their biggest supporter (if your spouse and your family does not support you, then you will not be a good fit)

* - Must understand that no one will be asked to leave his/her current church, join any other church, be pressured in becoming a Christian, resign from a full time job, put a personal ministry or film school studies on hold, or regard one’s family and/or spouse second to Owen Hisle / UTR Films


A Submission Does Not Guarantee An Interview

Owen Hisle / UTR Films Will View Each And Every Submission

If Your Submission Is Selected And Warrants An Interview, You Will Be Notified By The Email You Provided Within The Submission Form Below With Further Instructions, So Be Sure Your Email Is A Good Working Email

The More You Provide Within The Submission Form Below (Required or Not) Will Indicate To Us How Much Of An Experienced Professional You Truly Are And That You Are Serious Which Will Also Better Your Chances Of Getting Selected For An Interview

Writer & Storyteller Submission Form (* Required)

Yes Have My Own
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