Owen Hisle  -  Actor, Producer, Director, Acting Coach, Motivational Speaker
"Acting is like therapy; At some point you have to put into action what you have learned; The more you use it; The better you will become".......Owen Hisle



200 lb
Brown Salt & Pepper Hair
Brown Eyes
DOB 02/14/1960

Eden Talent Agency

Are you listening? (film)

Halves & Quarters (film)

Army and Coop (film)

Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp

Phlebotomist (film)

Miracle Cup [film]

The Wrong Reasons [film]

NLCCT [on-going]


Healthy Boundaries {48.hfp-2013}

UTRF [on-going]

Beautiful Scar ´╗┐(48.hfp-2012)

The Studio (colorado documentary)

Moving Forward (colorado documentary)

On The Other Side (film)

The Prophet's Son (film)

The Prophet's Son (film)

Green Flight (discovery channel documentary)

Mach3 Razors (commercial)

Canon Camera (commercial)

Heartache (film)

Colorado Motor Sports (documentary)

Blind Eye Witness (film)

Se7en (film)


IFGS Trailer 2008 (film)

Beans (film)

The Keys (film)

Crossed The Line (film)

Crossed The Line (film)

The King (film)

Idiocracy (film)

Sherry Was A Waitress (film)

Forsaken (film)

Forsaken (film)

Room (film)

Street Creatures (film)

Little Flower (film)

Man 2

Lead Immigration Officer

Obnoxious Bar Drunk (voice-over)

Small Group Hands-On Filmmakers Training

John Curry FBI Special Agent (lead/principle)

Table Read

Table Read

President, CEO, Founder

Producer, Executive Producer

Government Security Agent

President, CEO, Founder

Pastor, Train Station Announcer

Owen Hisle (self, guest)


Marcus, Paramedic


Table Read




Saul (lead)


Detective Layton (lead)

Lieutenant Somerset (lead)

Owen Hisle (self)

Orc (lead)

Grey Suit Guy, Coveralls Guy (lead)

Cliff (lead)

Savage (lead)

Table Read

Graduation Parent (extra)

Spectator, Heckler, Supporter (extra)

Texas Red-Neck (extra)

Kidnapper (lead extra)

Table Read

Bar Partron (extra)

Casino Card Player, Security (lead extra)

Church Member (lead extra)

Vivid Imagery / Kala Todd

Snow Vault / Zoe Marmer

No Clue Entertainment / Dennis Hefter

RMCFC / Ken Lawrence

Rhino Mist / John Pempek

Screen Ducks / Peter Farrell

Screen Ducks / Tim Nolte

NLCCT LLC / Owen Hisle

UTR Films LLC / Tim Nolte

Maskil / Tim Nolte

UTR Films LLC / Owen Hisle

Heart & Fire / Jimmy Lee Combs

BillsScope / Bill Harris

AIC / Mike Carpenter

AIC / Mike Carpenter

Strong Foundation Films / Paul McLean

Strong Foundation Films / Paul McLean

AIC / Kenneth Linn

AIC / Kenneth Linn & Mike Carpenter

AIC / Kenneth Linn & Mike Carpenter

AIC / Kenneth Linn

AIC / Mike Carpenter

AIC / Mike Carpenter

AIC / Mike Carpenter

The Kombine Group / Luca´╗┐

Lar / Ray Appling

Digital Film / Dylan Banowetz

Sognetto / Dani Colman

Enlightenment Pictures / James Johnson

Enlightenment Pictures / James Johnson

Corpus LLC & Content Films / James Marsh

20th Century Fox / Mike Judge

Jessica Graves / Jessica Graves

KAYO / Ken Johnson

KAYO / Ken Johnson

Cinepraxis / Kyle Henry

Roach / Jay Roach

Capitalist Romance / Christian Trimble


--- Film-making,  Cinematography,  Lighting,  Camera operating,  Director of photography,  Directing,  Sound,  Boom,  Scripty,  Scoring-  (RMCFC) Ken Lawrence

--- Acting Classes Coaching,  Acting Workshops Coaching,  Voiceovers,  Commercials,  Film,  Stage- Norm Silver

--- Creating Film Work For Yourself,  Film Reel Prep-  Jimmy Zerda

--- Acting Classes Coaching,  Acting Workshops Coaching,  Commercial,  Film,  Improvisation- Kristy Martin

--- Film Training,  On Camera-  Toni Cobb Brock

--- Film,  On Camera-  Van Brooks

--- Commercial,  Auditioning,  On Camera-  Donise Hardy

--- Acting Classes Coaching,  Acting Workshops Coaching,  The Art Of Not Acting- Pato Hoffmann

--- Commercial,  Industrial,  Auditioning,  Power Auditions,  Film,  On Camera-  Michelle DeLong


*Actor    *Voiceovers    *Computer Tech    *U.S. Army Soldier    *Army-Infantry Combat Training    *Survival Training-(Island of Puerto Diego Country of Panama, Mohave Desert)    *Chaplain's Assistant    *Preacher    *Ministry Counselor    *Bible Study Leader    *Christian    *Spelunking    *Snow Mobiling    *Mountain Hiker    *Mountain Biker    *Camping    *Truck Driver    *School Bus Driver    *Small Farm Tractor    *Standard Shift    *Construction Laborer    *Handled Cleaned Stalls Fed 35 Arabian Horses    *Sanitation Engineer    *Waiter    *Bagel Baker & Maker    *Physical Fitness Trainer    *Process Subpoenas Server    *Travled Lived In Visited 35 U.S. States 5 Countries    *Hitch-Hiked 3 Separate Times Total 2,400 Miles    *Marksman-(Fire Arms)    *Son    *Grandson    *Friend    *Boyfriend    *Husband    *Parent    *Divorcee    *Certified Adult & Child CPR First Aid    *Work with Special Needs Behavioral kids    *Work with Wheel Chair Adults & Kids
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