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"Acting is like therapy; At some point you have to put into action what you have learned; The more you use it; The better you will become".......Owen Hisle

Big O Award

Big O Award Requirements
  • The 'Big O Award' created by Owen Hisle
  • The 'Big O Award' officially registered with WGAWest 06/24/2016-06/24/2021
  • The WGAWest 'Big O Award' registration number 1847833

The WGAWest registration process places preventative measures against plagiarism or unauthorized use of an author's material.  While someone else may have the same idea in his or her material, the evidence lies in the author's presentation of their work.  Registering one's work does not disallow others from having a similar idea.  Rather, registering one's work with WGAWest would potentially discourage others from using someone elses work without permission

Though the Registry cannot prevent plagiarism, it can produce the registered material as well as confirm the date of registration.  Registering one's work creates legal evidence for the material that establishes a date for the material's existence.  The WGAW Registry, as a neutral third party, can testify for that evidence

Registering one's work with the WGAW Registry does not take the place of registering with the Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office.  However, both create valid legal evidence that can be used in court

  • Film pro who legally resides in the state of Colorado (Colorado residence only)
  • Film pro with 7 years (or more) of actual hands on film experience (not counting school)
  • Film pro with a working film industry website or Facebook which directly reflects their film experiences
  • Film pro with 1 (or more) laurel vector/s and/or award/s awarded to their film project/s (vector/award must be posted to website or Facebook)
  • Film pro with either a Non-Union or Union status

Although the film pro must meet all 5 requirements listed above, meeting all 5 requirements above does not guarantee the Film pro a 'Big O Award'.  Owen Hisle has very strict high standards and doesn't give out these awards so easily.  There is no application process.  Owen Hisle is notorious for and has a reputation for following film pros.  He'll find you.  Should Owen Hisle want to honor you with an award, be sure you have a good working website, Facebook and email because you just never know when the day comes that you go to your website, Facebook, and email Inbox and find the 'Big O Award'
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