Owen Hisle  -  Actor, Producer, Director, Acting Coach, Motivational Speaker
"Acting is like therapy; At some point you have to put into action what you have learned; The more you use it; The better you will become".......Owen Hisle

Owen Hisle
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We are writing the script and putting all elements in place.  In the meantime visit the UTR Films link above often/anyway to watch the 2nd short film process (pre-production <thru> post-production) take shape/come to life

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Owen Hisle is an award winning multi-talented American actor and producer (as well as a director, acting coach, and motivational speaker) who has earned a trusted and respected name with-in the film entertainment industry.  In 2001 Owen started training, working and traveling all throughout the country as a professional film actor and continues with his drive to this day.  Owen started out as an extra, worked his way up the proverbial film ladder taking on more challenging film roles, and is now one of the most marketable actors in films for principle/lead roles and for producing.  Since 2001 to present day, Owen has had the fortunate opportunity to train under, work for, work in, and work with some of the best known acting coaches, producers, directors, casting agents, and workshop coaches the industry has to offer.  Owen has also been blessed to have worked in film projects with some of Hollywood's famous named actors, independent actors, directors, and production companies.  Owen almost always does and prefers to do his own stunts in his films, and he is more comfortable and prefers taking on tough guy movie/film roles (both serious & comedic) within many various genres, as well as producing Faith-Based projects however, Owen always welcomes the opportunity to take on many other types of character roles with-in many various genres, being selective of course, so as to still stand strong by not compromising his beliefs ("When it comes to secular filming for the believer in God, the boogieman-[satan], isn't always behind every door".......Owen Hisle)

In 2013 Owen added Producer (Writer and Director) to his title when he created Upon This Rock Films [aka: UTR Films] based out of beautiful Aurora, Colorado.  UTR Films is a powerful Jesus driven film production ministry/company seeking to reach the world for Christ, through movies which offer an in-your-face, every day, real-life, Jesus message; by touching the hearts of all people (through God's eyes), along with that extra Hollywood touch and entertaining Hollywood quality (not the churchy, preaching to the choir message which today's weak and watered down, playing it safe, Christians / church filmmakers offer)
Watch UTR Films 1st produced 3 time award winning 2014 short Christian film (FULFILLMENT)

Owen is a veteran in the movie / film industry since 2001 and he has an extensive marketable (little-bit-of-everything, jack-of-all-trades) background in - Acting, Auditioning, On-Camera, Producing, Directing, Casting, Workshop coaching, Improvisation, Commercial, Industrial, Film-making, Cinematography, Lighting, Camera operating, Director of photography, Sound, Boom, Grip, Gaffer, Slating, Scripty, Scoring, and Voice-Overs.  In addition to continually work as an Actor, Producer, Director, and Acting Coach, each year Owen puts aside one whole week to attend the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp which is 8 days, 15 hours each day, fast paced, actual hands-on, full blown, professional mock film sets, filmmakers training camp

Owen is one of the most pickiest filmmakers (in a good way when it comes to acting and producing).  He turns down more film roles and scripts (to act in and to produce) then most, because Owen will only work as an actor in a film and/or produce a film that he knows is going to be an award winner.  Owen looks over every script with a fine tooth comb and asks many, many questions and he never apologizes for this.  Owen takes his time with every film project.  Owen would rather have only a few films he acted in and produced which were award winners with no issues then to have many films he acted in and produced which were not award winners and which were all bad (things in the shot/frame, bad story telling, bad acting, bad audio, bad cinematography, etc).  Owen will never put his name onto just any project.  With-out looking for it and with-out trying, Owen has started to become so well known and so well respected that two separate and different book authors (Lisa Stillwell and Jacob Olinger) sought Owen out and asked Owen to endorse their next book (see above)

Owen comes from a real life background of - - - Being raised by a tough Italian New Jersey family of mechanics, construction workers, over the road tractor trailer drivers / The tough streets of New Jersey, New York, Gangs, Street fighting / And 12 years serving as a US Army Infantry Soldier.  So it makes sense and stands to reason why Owen is not your average politically correct follower / Is personally and professionally aggressive / Pretty much does what he wants to do / Will speak his mind and tell you like it is to your face / And doesn't take crap from anyone.  But don't let any of this steer you away from wanting to work with Owen / UTR Films because, although he can be intimidating at times, once you get to know him, deep inside he has a heart of gold, very generous, one of the nicest funniest guys you'll ever end up getting to know, and good to have with you if your going down a dark alley...lol...lol
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